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La dolce vita

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La Dolce Vita, Federico FelliniTullio Kezich remembers that during the preview of "La Dolce Vita" (Quoted in “La Dolce Vita with Federico Fellini”, Venice 1996, pp. 167-69), at the Capitol cinema in Milan, the not paying audience received Fellini’s movie with whistles and boos. “Enough! Disgusting! Shame! ”, shouting from their seats by the end of the screening. At the exit from the cinema Marcello Mastroianni was abused with insults like “coward, layabout, Communist”.
A spit catches up Federico Fellini, who tries to react, but is dragged away by his friends. On the following day, after that the prefect has threatened the seizure of the movie, for reasons of public order, a crowd of spectators gathers at the entrance of the Capitol. The price of the ticket has increased for the occasion to 1,000 Liras, nevertheless the crowd masses around the entrance gate.
The fact is that many are afraid that on the following day La Dolce Vita might be withdrawn from the distribution.
On account of this new event, the film sets off therefore towards a sensational success.
It is the beginning of a new Age. A country falsely moralistic and bigot unveils its hypocrisies and shows how it really is.

La Dolce Vita, Federico FelliniThe main character of the seven episodes of La Dolce Vita is Marcello, a reporter of some scandal sheets in the capital.
We see him on helicopter following, at the beginning of the movie, the transportation of a statue of King Christ from the ruins of ancient Rome to the Vatican City. In the following scene, the zooming on the statue of King Christ transforms itself allusively into the mask of a night club’s dancer who plays a Far East idol. Marcello is in the hunt of hot news with his paparazzo.
However it goes him badly this time and he receives also some menaces.
Leaving the night club he meets Maddalena, a rich heiress who goes with him to the city walls of Piazza del Popolo. Here they meet a prostitute to whom they give a lift up to the Cessati Spiriti street , where Marcello and Maddalena will spend a night of love and passion in the lodging of the woman.

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