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Mamma Roma, Pier Paolo Pasolini The guys introduce Ettore to a girl who lives there. She is Bruna, a young girl eight years older than him, but she is still a child. For a gift or something, she goes with everybody. While the gang of penniless leaves him alone and goes to rob the dying men in the hospital, Ettore meets with the girl and promises her a gold necklace in change of her favours. But this time her mother refuses to give him the money so he goes to an old fence-shop trying to sell some old records that he has stolen at home.

Mamma Roma, Pier Paolo PasoliniWorried for her son, Mamma Roma applies to the priest in the hope that he might help her to find a job for her son as a waiter in a Trattoria in Trastevere. Unfortunately what the priest has to offer is only a job as a labourer. After that Ettore has fought with his friends because of Bruna, Mamma Roma applies again to the priest who speaks earnestly to her: nothing is created from nothing; she committed many faults with her son; for all the evil that he does and for his destiny she is to blame. First, she should send Ettore to work as a labourer and then she will see how things will go better. Not satisfied by the priest words, Mamma Roma applies finally to a friend of her, a prostitute and to her pimp. They convince the owner of a trattoria that in order to avoid any scandal hires Ettore as a waiter. The same time Mamma Roma buys a brand new Morini scooter for Ettore. But her past will knock again on her door: it is Carmine that wants her to work again as a prostitute.

Along Anime Perse street, Mamma Roma walks and complains with Biancofiore and a street painter for her sad destiny and the one of her son:
Mamma Roma: Why ever should you run this life? Who is to blame? You could never guess!
Biancofiore: you have been running the same one for the last 30 years so why ever are you asking that to me?
Mamma Roma: would you ever say that it’s all your fault?
Biancofiore: Ah, that’s it!
Mamma Roma: whatever everyone is it is for one’s fault, don’t you know that?
Biancofiore: oh yeah, that’s clear and now that you know that what you wonna do? reveal that to the entire world?
Mamma Roma: Yes, but your own faults are a road on which walk even those that are not guilty at all!
Biancofiore: Eh, poor, Ettore! That’s true that when he was born he didn’t want to walk on your road! That’s sure! But who put all this rubbish into your head?
Mamma Roma: A priest! He was to me as a living Bible! I didn’t want to start again from the very beginning! What do you think that I didn’t understand you? Damned you and your cognac I got drunk!
Biancofiore: Goodbye! I live you alone examining your conscience!
Mamma Roma: Oh my God, what a terrible stomach ache! What have I eaten? My own heart’s fat!
Biancofiore: here she is the ventriloquist!
Mamma Roma: who are you one of my clients?
Biancofiore: No, I am a Juventus supporter!
Mamma Roma: I had so many now, that I do not even remember them. I am not the registry office! The first one was my husband, Ettore’s father …
Biancofiore: are you kidding? You were even married?
Mamma Roma: He was a young man who was seven beauties…
Biancofiore: oh yes, with a spare tyre too!
Mamma Roma: When we got married we were twenty persons… we went to the church one by one, the first one has left at nine, and the last one at noon… We went with a 10 minute distance one from the other not to attract attention… As my husband was wanted by the Police… when we got married I hardly had time to say yes, that guards arrived and arrested him … I stood there, by the altar, virgin!
Biancofiore: it was worst if you were deflowered as Rosina!
Mamma Roma: And you know why my husband, Ettore’s father, was a wretched scoundrel?
Biancofiore: I don’t know that’s his business,!
Mamma Roma: Because his mother was a moneylender, and his father a robber.
Biancofiore: Why then his mother was a moneylender and his father a robber?
Mamma Roma: Because his mother’s father was a headsman and his mother ‘s mother a beggar, and his father’s mother a pimp and his father’s father a spy!
Biancofiore: God free us from evil!
Mamma Roma: All poor wretches! That’s why! That’s sure if they had had the chance, they might have been all good fellows! And so who’s to blame? Who’s responsible?”(See., vol. I, pp. 236 - 239)

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