Guides of Rome, Italy

Contact the guides of Rome! We love Rome and will be glad to help you to catch the true spirit of the Eternal town.

Beyond the classical itineraries we can offer you: walking tours, enchanting walks through the ancient lanes of Rome, a promenade among the 7 historical kills from archaeological Rome to the outstanding buildings of the new Capitol of Italy.
Drives on a carriage, a romantic itinerary thorough the Baroque squares, fountains and historical palaces.
In-depth visits to discover the secret treasures of Rome, the splendid residences of the roman noble families nowadays museums and galleries.
A sightseeing tours riding a scooter or tracing an itineray in search of the places where the most famous movies where set.
We could then sugggest you, for an exclusive dinner, some restaurants that you will never find on a tourist guide, and then give you some special hints about the Roman nights. And if you like shopping in Rome we have hundreds of addresses to make you happy. In a few words if you really want to discover this town don't miss this opportunity and contact us immediately!
Ticket reservations and guiding to the most important temporary exhibitions.

The guides of Rome are available in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese

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