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Excursion Roman Castles
An opportunity to leave the metropoli and immerse yourself in the natural and artistic beauty of the small medieval villages
outside Rome
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Roman Castles
Approx. 4 hours - Tuesday and Saturday afternoon from 1st April to 31st October
Departure from: Hotel: h. 14.40 /14,40 Agency: h. 15,00 - Upon request pick-up service
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Stops: · Via dei Laghi, · Colli Albani, · Frascati
Roman Castle, Rome, Italy

Leaving Rome we pass by the ruins of the baths of Caracalla before taking the Ancient Appian Way passing by the Chapel of "Domine Quo Vadis?".

This tour takes us along the "Road of the Lakes" passing through one of the hilly areas of volcanic origin which characterize the outskirts of Roma: the Colli Albani where small villages are becoming towns, Castelgandolfo where the pope has his summer residence, Ariccia famous for its large bridge with three arches, Rocca di Papa e Grottaferrata, both noted for their culture and gastronomic delicacies.

Towards the northerly part of the Colli Albani, we eventually arrive at Frascati popular with visitors both for its beauty and considerable production of wine.
Here we will stop for a taste of local products and to absorb the flavour of village life.
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Useful information: We would reccomend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
We ask you to pay particular attention to your guide and to wear sunglasses and sunhats in the summer months to avoid any risk of sunstroke..


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