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David of Michelangelo , Florence
Overnight stay in Florence

A journey to discover the cradle of the Renaissance, where one's breaths art in the medieval streets, in the craftmen's workshops and in the Renaissance Palaces. Here the memories of the Medici family are united with the splendour of the works of illustrious artists as Michelangelo, Leonardo and Botticelli

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Approx. 3 hours - everyday
Departure from: Hotel: h. 6.45 - Agency: h. 7.30
Upon request pick-up service

Avaible in the following languages: English - French - Italian - Spanish - German - Japanesee
Stops: 1day visit Accademy Gallery · Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore · Piazza della Signoria · Santa Croce - Other days optional on your on

In combination with the tour of Florence, we also have the possibility to arrange for you to prolong your stay in Florence one or more days thus giving you the opportunity to discover the other beautiful areas in the vicinities.  We would like to remind you that when you decide to make this booking, the return to Rome will be on the days that the tour to Florence operates.

Opcional tours in Florence: Visit Pisa half day, visit Siena 1 day, private guided tour of the city 2/3 hours

Useful information:  We would reccomend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. We ask you to pay particular attention to your guide and to wear sunglasses and sunhats in the summer months to avoid any risk of sunstroke.We also  remind you that entrance into churches requires appropriate attire (no shorts, miniskirts or uncovered shoulders)



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Travel in Rome, Italy. Alternative itineraries, city tours of Rome,
excursions, bus tours of Italy.
Argiletum Tour Rome


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