Sightseeing tour of Tivoli

Sightseeing tour of Tivoli
This itinerary allows us to visit and compare two splendid villas from two different ages. The Villa Adriana dating back to Roman times and the Villa D'Este from the Renaissance period
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Sightseeing tour of Tivoli
Approx. 4 hours - from 1st Mar. to 30th Sept.: every day in the afternoon except working Mondays - From 1st Oct. to 31st October Every day except working Mondays - From 1st November to 28th Feb.: Tue., Thur. Sat. and Sun. in the morning
Morning departure: Hotel h. 8.00/8.40 am Agency h. 9.00 am
Afternoon departure: Hotel h. 14,00/14,40 Agency h. 15,00
Upon request pick-up service
Avaible in the following languages: English - French - Italian - Spanish - German - Japanese, Russian
Stops:· Villa Adriana, · Villa D'Este