Visits and thematic tours of Rome and Italy by Argiletum Tour Operator, Rome





Visits and thematic tours of Rome and Italy

A series of thematic tours, offered by Argiletum Tour, that aim to reveal the many hidden treasures of Italy. The thematic package tours will give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of Italy, and reveal the cultural treasures, traditions and peculiarities…Appealing itineraries that enhance a country with perfect combination of historic and natural resources, revealing to travelers, the most fascinating sites of Italy:
Rome, Viterbo, Florence, Pisa, Venice, Naples, Pompeii,Subiaco, Cassino
Our expertise in taking care of either large or small groups is guaranteed by many satisfied clients.

We will tailor and customized the thematic itinerary of your choice according to season of your trip, length of your stay, and number of persons.
List of some of our thematic package tours and visits: - Gardens and Villas of Central Italy (nature and art) - Medieval Monasteries and Abbeys of Lazio (spiritual and art) - The Holy Sites (religion and art) - Contemporary Rome (architecture) - Rome and Cinema (cultural) - Roman Stars and Renaissance skies: Astronomy, History and Italy (art and archaelogy) - Obelisks of Rome and Oriental cults (archaeology and art) - Wine Tours - Italian Culinary Trips - Classic and Contemporary Art Tour of Italy – Taste of Italy

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