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Venice Square

Church of Santa Maria Aracoeli

Next to the square, in a dominant position, it rises the church of Santa Maria of Aracoeli. Here stood the temples dedicated to Juno Moneta and Virtus where, according to the legend, the Sybill foreshowed to the Emperor Augustus the coming of Jesus: "Haec est ara filii Dei" (here is the altar of the son of God)from which comes the name Aracoeli (altar of the sky)

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It existed already in the VII century, in the X century it was a benedectine abbey. It was rebuilt in the 1300's in the Romanesque-Gothic style that we still appreciate. In the Middle Ages it was here that City Counsellors often met to discuss public affairs. It houses inside important works of art, such as the Bufalini Chapel, painted by Pinturicchio



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Church of Santa Maria  Aracoeli

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