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Piazza della Rotonda

This square is right in front of the Pantheon and this grandiose monument characterizes it to such an extent that many Romans don't know even its name: they call it simply "square of the Pantheon"

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In the middle of the square, characterized by the façades of the XVIIIcentury's palaces which surround it, stands the elegant marble fountain decorated with dolphins and maskarons made in the time of Clement XI, who had it surmounted with an obelisk in 1711. The fountain was projected by Della Porta.
Two curiousities are note worthies: a plaque on the wall of the edifice right in front of the Pantheon which reminds us when the square , in the XVIII century, was cleared from taverns and brothels by the papal authority; another plaque, on the façade of the palace that houses today the hotel "Del Sole", reminds that the poet Torquato Tasso overnighted here. The English movie director Peter Greenaway chose the square as set for many sequences of his movie " The Belly of an Architect ".

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